Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust select ELMS2

With a great start to 2018, Ethitec are very pleased to announce that they have been awarded a contract from Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver a Clinical Management System to the Oxfordshire Wheelchair Service.

The contract will see Ethitec deliver their ELMS2 solution, together with a suite of training, data migration and consultancy services and a link to the NHS Patient Demographic Service, over the next 4 months.

Oxfordshire Wheelchair Service is responsible with the supply of wheelchairs and related equipment to Oxfordshire residents with permanent and serious difficulties in walking, some of whom have complex postural problems requiring specialist input. The majority of their clients are seen by community therapists who are trained to assess various types of manually propelled wheelchairs, accessories and pressure distributing cushions on their behalf. Where more complex requirements are identified, including powered mobility, a request is made for assessment either at the Oxford Centre for Enablement, the client’s home or another convenient location.

Mike Weatherall, Operations Manager at Ethitec, said “We’ll be providing software to meet the information requirements of a range of staff including occupational therapists, physiotherapists, technical instructors, clinical scientists, rehabilitation engineers, administrators, and service managers, and we look forward to introducing the operational benefits that ELMS2 allows. It’s another excellent project for us to be involved with.”.


You can contact Ethitec by calling us on +44 (0)116 247 0806 or using the contact form.