The One Stop Resource Centre in Sale now live on ELMS2

Ethitec are delighted to announce that the One Stop Resource Centre (OSRC) in Sale, Greater Manchester, has just ‘gone live’ with the company’s ELMS2 software solution. The OSRC is a joint venture between Trafford Local Care Organisation (community health services managed by Manchester NHS Foundation Trust) and Trafford Council. It provides equipment and adaptations to people within the borough who may be recovering from an illness or have a disability to help them live more independently at home.

Their service includes:

  • Assessing people's needs for community equipment, minor and major adaptations.
  • Provision of equipment to prevent hospital admission or get back home as early as possible.
  • Central warehouse supplies and satellite stores in local hospitals to support early discharge during out-of-hours periods.
  • Short-term loan wheelchair service until the patient's own equipment arrives.
  • Advice Line, Triage, and Signposting.
  • Refurbishment services covering delivery, fitting, repairs, and decontamination of equipment.


Ethitec’s ELMS2 system has now been fully deployed and will serve as a comprehensive management tool for the OSRC team, supporting their end-to-end operations. Ethitec worked closely both with the staff at the OSRC and the project team from MFT to ensure a smooth and timely transition to ELMS2.

Steve Healey

Steve Healey is Ethitec's Business Development Manager. You can get in touch with him by calling +44 (0)116 247 0806 or using the form on the contact page.