Market leading, paperless, fully adaptable

An NHS Digital accredited e-Referral System used by NHS organisations and Any Qualified Providers

Developed with therapists for therapists

Tiara9 (Therapy, Information, Administration, Recording and Analysis), is a specialist clinical information and appointment booking EPR system that was originally developed in 1985 for therapists working for Leicestershire Health. Since then, Ethitec has continued to invest in developing, refining and enhancing the system in order to ensure it continues to meet the evolving information and clinical practice needs of NHS organisations. Today, it is used by a range of Allied Health Professionals, including the major therapies, Audiology and Orthotics services.

Configurable contact recording for any therapeutic situation

Because Tiara9’s contact recording forms are configurable, the system can be applied, not only in a huge range of clinical situations, but also for diverse complimentary services, such as health and wellbeing classes, social classes, clinical auditing services, etc. Whilst Any Willing Provider (AWP) and Any Qualified Provider (AQP) suppliers have the ability to make use of Tiara9’s e-Referral Service to take referrals directly from GP’s and NHS clinics, manual referral entry removes any barriers to the applicability of Tiara9.

Powerful reporting and data extract options

The ability to effectively interrogate data is key to efficient working. Tiara9 possesses a range of reporting tools, many of them directly accessible to the clinical user, ensuring the right information is made available at the right time. National reporting requirements are supported and to ensure patient security we have completed the NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit. To assist with GDPR compliance, specific functionality takes the pain out of Subject Access Requests and powerful anonymisation routines facilitate controlled masking of personal data.

Easy Onboarding for shared systems

Where Tiara9 is already in use in an organisation, adding a second and subsequent professions is a cost effective way of providing the benefits of our Clinical Management system to sibling departments. With a core system already purchased and running, the costs and approval barriers to bringing other clinical specialisms onboard are significantly lower than for a first installation. And even though the various professions will be hosted on a single system, the many options for segregating or sharing data will ensure that each department will be in control of their patients' data, and perceive the system as their own. When deployed in this way, with its adaptability and configuration options, Tiara9 brings 'big department' management features within the reach of small and specialised departments.


Tiara9 - tried and tested, reliable and affordable

Increased Efficiency

Reduced response times without increasing staff

Management information improves clinical efficiency. For example, services have reduced response times without increasing staff by being able to see which wards/clinics are busiest and then deploying staff more effectively to the hotspots where they are needed.

Supporting the Patient Journey

Links to NHS PDS and PAS

Tiara9 supports the information requirements of the whole patient journey from receiving electronic referrals from GPs, wards or telephone triage, through waiting lists, appointment scheduling, SMS reminders, self-check-in screens, care plans, full electronic patient records (EPR) to electronic discharge summaries.

Reduced Waiting Lists

Integration of Waiting Lists and Appointments with RTT monitoring

For out-patient services, one of the greatest challenges to minimising waiting times is maintaining a consistent throughput. By working in close collaboration with managers, receptionists and clinicians, Ethitec has created a powerful and effective Waiting List and Appointment scheduling module.

Quality Information

The data to manage your service effectively

Tiara9 provides all the data required to manage your service effectively. Fully supportive of internal and statutory reporting requirements, data can be extracted in a number of ways to suit your needs including screen data extracts, built in or Bespoke reports, and user-defined or ODBC reporting.


Share data with your colleagues, easily and safely

Tiara9 supports a wide range of clinical and Allied Health professions including; Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Speech & Language Therapy, Podiatry, Clinical Psychology, Audiology, Respiratory Physiology, and community services such as District Nursing.

Intuitive to Use

Supports the working practices of frontline staff

Tiara9 works the way you do! Years of development have culminated in a system that reflects the realities of working on the frontline of healthcare delivery. Tiara9 is based upon workflows, a series of screens that are linked together to mirror the task being undertaken.

Built-in Security

Your patients' data is safe

No need to worry about the security of your patient data - Tiara9 is built on a proven safe architecture and designed to meet and exceed all Data Security and GDPR requirements.

Clinical Safety

Our systems are DCB0129 compliant

Ethitec's Clinical Safety and Clinical Risk Management procedures ensure our systems are safe to use in the clinical environment. Our Clinical Safety Officer maintains and reviews our logs and procedures, with the documentation shared to our customers on request.

Our DCB0129 compliance supports your DCB0160 compliance.

The Patient's Clinical Journey

Tiara9 – fully supporting the patient journey

Initial Referral

  • Manual / Electronic / e-RS referral routes
  • Referral notes and documents captured
  • Fully paperless
  • Referrer and GP Details
  • Triage processes supported

Waiting Lists

  • Proven to improve patient throughput and reduce waiting times
  • Fully integrated with referrals and appointment scheduling
  • New patient waiting lists conform to RTT requirements
  • Review lists for patients requiring a periodic follow-up
  • Pro-active warnings to prevent you breaching RTT deadlines
  • Waiting time suspensions supported where applicable
  • Automatic application of rules relating to DNA and UTA


  • Clinics, One to one, Group sessions, Community visits
  • Flexible scheduling for infrequently run services
  • New e-RS slots automatically published every night
  • Easy to book and easy to re-arrange
  • Patient reminders via SMS or email services
  • Reception and clinician views
  • Touch screen Self Check-in option available
  • Patient’s full appointment history kept

Clinical Processes

  • Appointment reminders by SMS
  • Comprehensive paperless records
  • Clinicians create their own assessment and treatment documentation
  • Multiple Episodes with multiple Phases with multiple Treatments
  • In-department designed graphical forms support clinical pathways
  • Local processing rules to support clinical governance
  • Access to records controlled via user’s security profile
  • Patient’s record available wherever and whenever required
  • Ability to share a record with colleagues from other professions
  • Continuity of care
  • Legible information recorded at the time improves quality of care
  • User-defined intelligent Letters, Emails and SMS sent automatically or manually
  • Easy to pass care on to another part of the service (in-patient to out-patient etc.)


  • Discharge summaries immediately available
  • Summaries can be sent to the referrer automatically via NHSMail

Supplying to the NHS

Tiara9 - Providing Any Qualified Providers with access to the NHS market

NHS Market Opportunities

With GPs now able to prescribe a diverse range of outpatient services, and patients being offered the ability to choose and book their outpatient appointments, there are a growing number of opportunities for independent healthcare providers to tender for the supply of services funded by the NHS.

Bidders, who will have attained Any Willing Provider (AWP) or Any Qualified Provider (AQP) status, are required to provide a cost effective and quality service, so partnering with Ethitec’s Tiara9, an NHS Digital approved system with a long history of use in clinical situations, provides a solid footing.

Where Tiara9 delivers for AQPs

NHS e-Referral Service

With access to the secure NHS Digital N3 Spine network, Tiara 9 can accept direct bookings to you from GPs and other primary care clinicians. Of course, referrals can also be recorded manually or through other systems.

Proven Clinical Functionality

The multi-profession nature of Tiara9 provides great flexibility in supporting a range of healthcare services. By making this configurable, and with the ability to provide bespoke solutions, Tiara9 can be tailored to exactly meet your requirements.

Efficient Client and Staff Management

Manage referrals; construct care plan, book one-on-one sessions; set up group class timetables; use staff activity diaries; record sessions and key indicators; report on progress; etc.

Measurable Outcomes

The ability to accurately record and report on an individual’s progress is a key requirement for partnering with the NHS. This is easily achievable using Tiara9’s sophisticated Contact Recording and Reporting functions.