Equipment Loans Management System

Ethitec's ELMS2 is a comprehensive, proven software solution that supports the efficient management of Community Equipment Services, Wheelchair Services, and other areas of NHS and Social Care supplies provision, on either a fully integrated or stand-alone basis. The solution has a well-established user-base, an active user-group and very importantly, is supported by a large and highly experienced team who drive the software forward and strive to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

ELMS2 is constantly improving and broadening its scope, and it can be difficult to do the system justice with a written description. That is why we would be delighted to demonstrate the system to you and your colleagues onsite, without cost or obligation.

Evolution built on stability

Innovation built on experience

Background and History

Ethitec and ELMS2 has quietly and consistently delivered on its promises

The first version of ELMS2 was written as a bespoke application for the British Red Cross Community Equipment Service, Leicester, in 1990. ELMS2 has seen a lot of change since then. We've gone through the introduction of Windows technology, the ‘fully equipped' report, the introduction of barcoding and handheld scanners, the integration of NHS and Local Authority equipment services, a national framework for CES management systems, the adoption of internet based technology, integration of equipment services with wheelchair services, the increased use of mobile computing, and more recently, the transforming community equipment and wheelchair services project. Sometimes we've pioneered. On other occasions we've waited for the dust to settle and offered a more considered approach. However, during this period, one thing has remained consistent. Ethitec and ELMS2 has quietly and consistently delivered on its promises.

With a minimum of fuss, we have striven to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. And that is why Ethitec have an open policy with regard to customer references. We encourage prospective customers to speak to any of our sites about their satisfaction with our system and the quality of the professional services which we deliver. Our customers are typically the best salespeople that we have.

After nearly 30 years of continuous high quality development, our commitment to keeping ELMS2 at the forefront of technology supporting CES and Wheelchair Services is stronger than ever. Changes in legislation and reporting requirements have always been incorporated into the system, and we continue to ensure that ELMS2 makes the best use of available hardware and communication technology. We listen to our individual customers and our User Groups, and ensure that the enhancement suggestions they make, along with the ideas that come from our own experts, are developed, tested, and deployed, by our in-house development team.

ELMS2, built upon an unrivalled level of experience in the field, today delivers innovative yet proven leading edge technology to run your equipment and wheelchair services. We may not make much noise, but our customers are happy to confirm that during the continuous evolution of ELMS2, stability is at the heart of everything that we do.

ELMS2 Features

Take a look below at some of the great features and benefits that ELMS2 has to offer:


When you’ve been working with equipment related services for as long as we have, you know that while they can appear very similar in terms of their headline operational activity, they’re actually very different when you get to understand how they work at a local level. It has always been a key objective for Ethitec to ensure that ensure that our ELMS2 system is fitted to the way that our customers wish to work, rather than forcing alien working practices upon them.

A scalable, modular and flexible structure makes ELMS2 easy to configure to suit the local specification of any size of store or service. A wealth of system parameters and settings allow it to be tuned to meet local variances in working practice, offering logical workflows, while still providing the necessary controls.

ELMS2 for Other Services

In addition to Community Equipment and Wheelchair Services, ELMS2 is a powerful software solution that today supports the efficient running of many other areas of NHS and Social Care supplies provision. Today, ELMS2 is being used to manage Prosthetic, Orthotic, Continence, Telecare, Assistive Technology, Medical Device, Community Alarm, and Environmental Control Services, either on an integrated or stand-alone basis.

Practitioners can manage the triage of referrals into their service, manage clinics and waiting lists, and schedule new appointments and follow-ups using the powerful multi-resource Appointment module. As a patient-centric system that can support a full Electronic Patient Record (EPR), ELMS2 allows assessment, clinical, and staff activity data can be collated in accordance with local practice.

The purchasing, management, distribution, and collection of stock are key components of the core ELMS2 module. Deliveries, services, handovers, visits, and repairs can all be scheduled and recorded. External contractors (such as third party repairers) are also catered for, and they can be given direct, controlled, access to ELMS2, or Ethitec can provide electronic links to their systems using modern integration technologies such as XML, helping you to monitor and manage their performance.

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