A solution for all referral schemes

Efficient management of Exercise-on-Referral and other Public Health referral schemes

Ethitec’s Tiara9 clinical information system, originally developed for use in the demanding environment of NHS therapy clinics, is equally at home when applied to the management of public health schemes, such as Exercise-on-Referral (EoR). A robust set of core features can be configured to suit a range of circumstances. Multiple referral routes, including an accredited interface to the NHS Digital e-Referral system, Tiara9's clinical versatility and powerful reporting features deliver a powerful solution for running your referral programmes


Initiated by a health professional, the patient details and associated referral notes enter the system in a number of ways: directly by the clinician using NHS e-Referrals; electronically through a bespoke portal or from a 3rd party system; by the client through a self-referral form; or manually, using the information passed to the centre on an email or printed form.

Waiting and Appointment Management

Full contact history allows RTT tracking. Waiting lists can be defined and patients moved through the first contact to triage to assignment to a course. Email, SMS and paper communications can be designed and automatically despatched.

Programme Management

Define course timetables and room allocations, schedule the appropriate staff, assign clients to classes and send reminders. Key metrics are defined and embedded into user-definable electronic forms to be used during programmes to monitor progress.

Client Management

Securely hold relevant client demographic data together with a full history of contacts and communications. Record class attendance and monitor progress and measure outcomes using the  session forms and course overview screens.


A range of options provide full access to collected data: system generated reports, bespoke reports and the facility to create user-defined reports; database access for export to 3rd party reporting tools.

The system has strong security features with fully controllable access to system features for end-users, administrators and super users. GDPR features effortlessly handle Subject Access Requests and powerful anonymisation routines facilitate controlled masking of personal data.

Available on-premise or as a fully hosted solution via our ISO27001 accredited partner, Tiara9’s browser interface provides a serious system designed to meet every requirement for running a referral based public health scheme.


Case study – GLL Healthwise

Greenwich Leisure Limited (GLL) was founded in 1993 to run Greenwich Council’s leisure centres and since 1996 they have expanded the model across the UK. GLL now manage more than 270 public sport and leisure centres, 130 libraries in partnership with more than 50 local councils, public agencies and sporting organisations and host more than 850,000 members and 54 million visitors a year. As a charitable social enterprise, GLL work for the benefit of everyone: the public, the communities they work in, the environment, their staff and partners.

Ethitec’s Tiara9 product is being used by GLL to manage the provision of NHS referred fitness programmes to community members. GP referrals are logged in Tiara9 and clients assigned to pre-defined activity plans. With the ability to manage referrals, staff and classes, send appointment letters and SMS reminders, record data appropriate to the differing needs of each class and provide detailed reports to suit the organisation’s needs, Tiara9 provides GLL with a robust and reliable system with which to roll out Healthwise nationally.