Wigan Council Go Live with ELMS2

Ethitec are excited to report more success for ELMS2 in the North West of England, with the news that Wigan Council have just gone live with their ELMS2 system.

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COVID-19 Ethitec Business Continuity

Following the latest announcements from the Government regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation we are publishing this notice regarding our business continuity planninng.

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Shropshire Wheelchair and Posture Service choose ELMS2

In a great end to the year, Ethitec are thrilled to announce that they’ve been awarded a contract to provide their ELMS2 system to manage the operations of the Shropshire Wheelchair and Posture Service.

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Northern Ireland Regional Wheelchair Service


I just wanted to say Thank You to you and your team for all the hard work and effort they have put into ensuring that that implementation of ELMS2 went so smoothly.
I want to thank Huzaer, Imran and Laura in particular as they have played such a huge part in the project.
I look forward to a long and professional relationship with the team.

Many thanks”

Northern Ireland Regional Wheelchair Service
Geraldine Laughlin, Disability Services Manager