Great feedback from the ELMS2 User Group

Evaluation forms issued to attendees at the most recent ELMS2 User Group meeting have shown that the system, and the Group, is continuing to hit the right note with our customers.

Following a record attendance, we were particularly pleased to note that all responders would recommend both the system, and the User Group sessions, to other services. Other areas scoring very highly included the usefulness of the information provided, the quality of presentations, and the opportunities for interaction with other users. Naturally, we were also able to discover some areas for improvement, particularly around the quality of our pre-meeting communications, and also with the quality of catering for people with special dietary requirements.

The next meeting, in October 2019, will be the 40th, with the first having occurred back in the Summer of 2000. Our Scottish Users have also been meeting regularly since 2006. Mike Weatherall, Ethitec’s Operations Manager said : “We remain committed to supporting our ELMS2 User Groups. They have always been very useful to us to help ensure that ELMS2 remains technically and functionally relevant, and to double-check that our customers continue to be satisfied with our support services. We also recognise that our customers value the opportunity to share experiences with each other, and we’re delighted to facilitate this.”


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