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Paperless Guide
Five steps to achieving paperless

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has repeatedly highlighted the need for a ‘digital revolution' within the NHS, and NHS England's own Chief Executive, Simon Stevens, has identified better IT as a key factor in closing the funding gap facing the health service.

The deadline for achieving an entirely digital health service has now been set as 2020, which means that Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are busy drawing up plans for how the Government's target will be met in their
respective regions.

At this stage, there is still time for the introduction of a digital health service to be effective and transformational, rather than a rushed or backward looking exercise in ‘computerisation'.

While the NHS as a whole has had a fairly rocky journey to date, encountering various setbacks and false starts, examples do exist where paperless is already a reality. Indeed, Ethitec has a proven track record in helping NHS services achieve the transition to paperless working. 

So, for services evaluating their requirements, we have set out here our five top tips on how you can do so too.

Download the full guide here.

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