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Building on nearly 20 years of continuous development, ELMS2 today is a powerful management information system that supports the efficient running of Community Equipment, Wheelchair, Continence, Prosthetic, and Orthotic Services.


Ethitec's ELMS2 (Equipment Loan Management System) is a comprehensive software solution that supports the efficient management of Integrated Community Equipment Services, Wheelchair Services, and other areas of NHS and Social Care supplies provision including Continence, Prosthetic, Telecare, Medical Device, Environmental Control and Orthotic Services.

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ELMS2 Features and Benefits

In choosing a software solution, it makes good sense to look at the whole package offered by a supplier, and not just the system itself. When Ethitec delivers ELMS2, we consider ourselves to be a long-term partner in a project rather than just a supplier. 

Our team ensure that the installed system is fitted to the way that our customers wish to work, rather than forcing alien working practices upon them.

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(Tricia Wray, Senior Manager)

"While there are highly functional web-based systems out there, we found nothing which gave us the flexibility to easily add new funding bodies and contracts, and create or adapt our own user definable forms and rules..."
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