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MIStral is the new client-focussed solution for managing Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) service provision. Fully web based, MIStral is designed to be the most flexible solution ever developed for IAG services.

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MIStral - total flexibility
MIStral Background
The most flexible solution ever developed for IAG services

Different from the traditional software available to Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) services, MIStral includes tools to let you build your own screens and forms. With MIStral you can tailor the system to support changes in service provision, and to adapt to the demands of new funding bodies and new contracts. MIStral is designed to be the most flexible solution ever developed for Information Advice and Guidance services.

This flexibility, coupled with the low deployment cost and ease of use makes the system the ideal choice for careers information and advice services facing the challenges of the latest regional service reorganisations.

MIStral is fully web based, requiring no local installation on client PC's and is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. The system can be hosted locally or on Ethitec's secure server farm managed by our hosting partner Rackspace.

MIStral supports user defined contracts, funding bodies and organisations allowing service partners to work closely together and with other IAG organisations all within a single system. New partners and contracts can easily be added, and the system is scalable from a handful to many hundreds of users.

MIStral is right up to date with full support for the new Unique Learner Number and latest MI batch interfaces. Ethitec are committed to keeping the system up to date to meet all legislative changes as they arise.

MIStral is so flexible that it's use goes beyond the needs of nextstep and Connexions organisations making it suitable for ALL services providing Information Advice and Guidance. The system is, for example, already in use by student services in the higher education sector.

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