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MIStral is the new client-focussed solution for managing Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) service provision. Fully web based, MIStral is designed to be the most flexible solution ever developed for IAG services.

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MIStral - total flexibility
MIStral Background
The most flexible solution ever developed for IAG services
Different from the traditional software available to Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) services, MIStral includes tools to let you build your own screens and forms. With MIStral you can tailor the system to support changes in service provision, and to adapt to the demands of new funding bodies and new contracts. MIStral is designed to be the most flexible solution ever developed for Information Advice and Guidance services. Read more
MIStral - client centred
Working With Clients
Record everything you do with clients, wherever they are
By allowing services to define their own forms and screens MIStral makes it easy to capture details of any activities carried out with clients across all the contracts supported by the service. A full client history is available to all authorised users making it easy to see at a glance everything that has been done with a client.  Read more
MIStral - working in partnership
Working with Partners
Share data across organisations easily and safely
Working in larger consortiums with multiple partner organisations is easy with MIStral. Password controlled access to client records can be given to all staff who are authorised, while other users can be limited to only seeing their ‘own' clients. Flexible security rules make sharing data across multiple organisations simple but safe.
Mistral - retrieve your data
Working with Data
Extract data to other systems and analyse your performance
MIStral produces the MI extracts required by funding bodies such as the Learning and Skills Council (LSC). As part of our support service, Ethitec is committed to keeping these extracts up-to-date with any necessary changes as and when they are required. Read more

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