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Building on nearly 20 years of continuous development, ELMS2 today is a powerful management information system that supports the efficient running of Community Equipment, Wheelchair, Continence, Prosthetic, and Orthotic Services.

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Background and History
Ethitec and ELMS2 has quietly and consistently delivered on its promises
ELMS2 has seen a lot of change since 1990. We've gone though the introduction of Windows technology, ‘fully equipped', the introduction of barcoding and handheld scanners, the integration of equipment services, a national framework for ICES management systems, the adoption of internet based technology, integration of equipment services with wheelchair services, the increased use of mobile computing, and more recently, the transforming community equipment and wheelchair services project.
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Integrated Community Equipment Service
ELMS2 for Integrated Community Equipment Services (ICES)
The market leading solution for equipment services

ELMS2 is in use across the UK, and remains true to its original design concepts. 

  • "Keep track of your equipment, and make sure it comes back";
  • "Provide all relevant Legislative and Performance Indicator information as a by-product of normal use"
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Wheelchairs and more..
ELMS2 for Other Services
Wheelchairs, Prosthetics, Orthotics, and much more

As well as Integrated Community Equipment Services, ELMS2 today is a powerful software solution that also supports the efficient running of Wheelchair, Prosthetic, Orthotic, Continence, and Environmental Control Services, either on an integrated or stand alone basis.                                                 

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Effortless, real-time reporting
ELMS2 Reporting
Comprehensive. Effortless. Real-time
A computer system is only as useful as the information it can deliver, and the reporting capability of a software system is a key evaluation factor in determining its suitability. Management and operational information in ELMS2 is always comprehensive, and always available effortlessly in real-time.
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small-screen online ordering on your tablet or smart phone
So What's New in ELMS2??

ELMS2, built upon an unrivalled level of experience in the field, today delivers innovative yet proven leading edge technology to run your equipment service. These are just some of the many latest enhancements to the system.

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News Stories

Cumbria County Council purchase ELMS2
Date: 21/06/2018
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Three Northern Ireland CES to implement ELMS2
Date: 09/05/2018
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North Tyneside Council to implement ELMS2
Date: 15/03/2018
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