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GES - promoting independence with ELMS2
Gateshead Equipment Service select ELMS2

Ethitec's position as the market-leading supplier of IT solutions for Community Equipment and Wheelchair Services was further strengthened this week with the news that South Tyneside NHS Foundation Trust (STFT) has commissioned their ELMS2 system to manage the activities of Gateshead Equipment Service (GES). The Service, which is based on the Team Valley Trading Estate, aims to:

  • Prevent unnecessary admission to hospital and to facilitate and support discharge to a preferred place of residence/care
  • Promote independence and self-care
  • Support carers, treating and caring for people in a safe environment and protecting them from avoidable harm and ensuring that people have a positive experience of care

The ELMS2 system commissioned by STFT will provide GES with a comprehensive set of easy to use software functions specifically designed to manage the clinical, warehousing, servicing, and distribution activities of both the Community Equipment and Wheelchair services. Ethitec will also be providing a set of technical, training, and consultancy services to help ensure a successful transition to the new system.

Mike Weatherall, Operations Manager at Ethitec, said: "We're very pleased that GES have become the latest service to put their trust in us and ELMS2, and we look forward to them being active members of the ELMS2 user community for many years to come. ELMS2 is fairly unique in that it can service both Community Equipment and Wheelchair Services on an integrated basis, which enables organisations such as GES to offer a more joined up and holistic service to their client base.".

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