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Multi-professional. Market leading. Paperless. The Tiara9 clinical information and appointment booking system offers a powerful, end-to-end solution for the patient’s clinical ‘journey’. Accredited by HSCIC as an e-Referral System, it is suitable both for NHS organisations and Any Qualified Providers.

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Powerful reporting
Quality information as a by-product of clinical care
All the data you require to manage your service effectively

Imagine having all the data you require to manage your service effectively, imagine that data being up to date and of the highest quality, imagine being able to create a report that gives you exactly the information you require, imagine being able to run those reports again and again when you need to - you have just imagined Tiara9!

Needing information? Then nothing beats having data collected in real time by people who have an interest in its accuracy and this is what Tiara9 delivers.

Whether you need information to monitor Referral To Treatment times or report activity levels to the Trust or complete the NHS Community Information Data Set (100% compliant); or whether you need help determining service level agreements with your organisation or Commissioning Groups, or proving clinical standards or improving individual clinicians' performance via clinical audit; or managing your service more effectively, or responding to the vast array of information requests there are today, or ... or ... in all cases, Tiara9 delivers!

All data collected can be interrogated using tools that clinicians and clerical staff are taught to use, which means that you don't have to be reliant on information management or IT staff to provide information.

Tiara9 has also been shown to improve the quality of documentation, making care records more consistent, easier to read and follow, and impossible to lose. It also makes it easier to respond to complaints as all the data is easily to hand.

Where innovation and service improvements are the objective, services have shown that by using Tiara9 as a powerful audit tool to evaluate services, quantifiable improvements in patient care and the patient experience will follow. Moreover, by freeing up management time from the mundane process of data collection, more focus can be placed on creating achievable action plans and making the changes needed to deliver quality improvements.


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