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Multi-professional. Market leading. Paperless. The Tiara9 clinical information and appointment booking system offers a powerful, end-to-end solution for the patient’s clinical ‘journey’. Accredited by HSCIC as an e-Referral System, it is suitable both for NHS organisations and Any Qualified Providers.

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removing the need for duplication of data entry
Supporting the whole patient journey
Links to NHS PDS and PAS

Tiara9 supports the information requirements of the whole patient journey from receiving electronic referrals from GPs, wards or telephone triage; through waiting lists; appointment scheduling; care plans; full electronic patient records (EPR) to electronic discharge summaries and invoicing.

In addition to the internal modules, Tiara9 has modules to link to third party systems such as a Trust Patient Administration System (PAS) and the National Spine Personal Demographics Service (PDS), thus removing the need for duplication of data entry. Tiara9 is also NHS e-Referral System compliant.

In order to support organisation-wide reporting, Ethitec has assisted sites to set up information extracts from Tiara9 to feed local data warehouses and connected executive information systems. These extracts use industry standards, such as ODBC and SQL, so they can be modified and maintained by the site as and when required.


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