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Multi-professional. Market leading. Paperless. The Tiara9 clinical information and appointment booking system offers a powerful, end-to-end solution for the patient’s clinical ‘journey’. Accredited by HSCIC as an e-Referral System, it is suitable both for NHS organisations and Any Qualified Providers.

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Tiara9 - comprehensive, yet easy to use
Intuitive to use
Supports the working practices of frontline staff

Tiara9 works the way you do! Years of development have culminated in a system that reflects the realities of working on the frontline of healthcare delivery. Tiara9 is based upon workflows, a series of screens that are linked together to mirror the task being undertaken.

Our workflows are tailored so, for example, if your staff are dealing with domiciliary or in-patients, it is caseload based, while for out-patients it is primarily clinic or appointment based. Administration tasks, whether undertaken by clerical or clinical staff, have their own workflows so tasks such as triaging referrals or booking appointments for people on your waiting list couldn't be simpler.

Tiara9 is configured to match your requirements so unnecessary fields are not displayed, key data is made mandatory and reference fields are meaningful. Added to the workflows, this means that staff relate to the screens, find them easy to navigate and complete and are pleased to find that, in the process, they are being given useful information as well as undertaking data entry - in much the same way that paper notes are used.

If you aspire to collect fully electronic notes, you'll find that Tiara9 has been developed with this in mind. Everything that you need to be totally paperless is there. Tiara9 supports your organisation from receiving and processing referrals, through managing the waiting period until first contact and then assessment, care planning and electronic records, finishing with electronic transfer of discharge information and, what's even better, we already have paperless users so all the software is written and proven.

To keep your electronic notes easy and intuitive, all your existing paper forms can be transferred into Tiara9. Using a simple tool supplied with the system, you can build the forms yourself in a matter of minutes. You can maintain them as well, so if a change in working practices occurs, the new forms can be available straight away - just like paper systems! Alternatively to save work and / or improve standardisation, you can share and swap forms with other sites.

If you prefer diagrams, Tiara9 has an increasing suite of graphical assessment and treatment record forms. All Tiara9 clinical records conform to best clinical practice and most importantly they are available on demand and legible!

The Electronic Patient Record (EPR) in Tiara9 offers a comprehensive solution, developed in conjunction with frontline clinicians to ensure screens are simple and relevant. Using bright attractive screen layouts that are linked together into task based "workflows", Tiara9 mirrors the clinical or administrative task being undertaken so it is intuitive and easily learnt.

Finally, Tiara9 EPR uses universally available browser technology which means that it can be accessed anywhere in the organisation. If you work in the community or conduct home visits, access is still available using proven, secure mobile technology.


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