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Multi-professional. Market leading. Paperless. The Tiara9 clinical information and appointment booking system offers a powerful, end-to-end solution for the patient’s clinical ‘journey’. Accredited by HSCIC as an e-Referral System, it is suitable both for NHS organisations and Any Qualified Providers.

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removing the need for duplication of data entry
Supporting the whole patient journey
Links to NHS PDS and PAS

Tiara9 supports the information requirements of the whole patient journey from receiving electronic referrals from GPs, wards or telephone triage; through waiting lists; appointment scheduling; care plans; full electronic patient records (EPR) to electronic discharge summaries and invoicing.

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Appointments and clinic management
Integrated Waiting Lists and Appointment Scheduling
Including Monitoring of Referral To Treatment Times (RTT)

For out-patient services, one of the greatest challenges is maintaining a consistent throughput in order to keep waiting times at a minimum. By working in close collaboration with managers, receptionists and clinicians, Ethitec has created a powerful and effective Waiting List and Appointment scheduling module.

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Tiara9 - comprehensive, yet easy to use
Intuitive to use
Supports the working practices of frontline staff

Tiara9 works the way you do! Years of development have culminated in a system that reflects the realities of working on the frontline of healthcare delivery. Tiara9 is based upon workflows, a series of screens that are linked together to mirror the task being undertaken.

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Tiara9 - Multi Professional
Multi Professional
Share data with your colleagues, easily and safely

Tiara9 supports a wide range of Allied Health and other professions including, Physiotherapy Occupational Therapy, Dietetics, Speech & Language Therapy, Podiatry, Clinical Psychology, Audiology, Respiratory Physiology, and community services such as District Nursing.

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Powerful reporting
Quality information as a by-product of clinical care
All the data you require to manage your service effectively

Imagine having all the data you require to manage your service effectively, imagine that data being up to date and of the highest quality, imagine being able to create a report that gives you exactly the information you require, imagine being able to run those reports again and again when you need to - you have just imagined Tiara9!

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Tiara9 users have improved their efficiency and quality of service delivery
Increased efficiency
Services have reduced response times without increasing staff
Access to powerful IT has enabled Tiara9 users around the UK to improve their efficiency and quality of service delivery as a result of this availability of management information. For example, services have reduced response times without increasing staff by being able to see which wards/clinics are busiest and then deploying staff more effectively to the hotspots where they are needed.

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