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MIStral is the new client-focussed solution for managing Information Advice and Guidance (IAG) service provision. Fully web based, MIStral is designed to be the most flexible solution ever developed for IAG services.

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MIStral - web based
Fully Web Based
Making use of the latest technologies, MIStral is accessible from anywhere: the office, the school, the drop-in centre, even the client's home. Wherever you are, your client information will never be more than a click away, and being web based, there is nothing to install; just point your browser at the website and log in.

Cost effective
Fully Affordable
MIStral is very cost-effective. Whether you need one licence or one hundred, whether you have the capital budget to purchase a system or can use revenue savings to lease one, MIStral can fit your budget. Available as a fully hosted solution there need be no installation cost, and if you have PCs or laptops with an internet connection, no hardware cost at all.
MIStral is fully flexible
Fully Flexible
MIStral has been designed to give you total flexibility to meet the rapidly changing needs of your service. Create your own forms, include your own questions, add your own rules. No need to ‘wait for the next release' or pay developers for the changes you need so urgently. The software lets you change it to suit your needs, simply, and effectively and without any specialist IT expertise.
Comprehensive functionality
Fully Functional
MIStral provides everything you need to manage the information your service requires. Funding bodies, contracts, activities and client contacts are simple to record and once recorded, easy to find and report on. Monthly electronic uploads to your funding bodies are easily configurable and available at the touch of a button.
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Fully future-proofed
Fully Future-proofed
Developed by award winning software house Ethitec, working closely with service advisers to take IAG services into the next decade, MIStral has the flexibility to change with the times and deal with whatever challenges may come.
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