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Building on nearly 20 years of continuous development, ELMS2 today is a powerful management information system that supports the efficient running of Community Equipment, Wheelchair, Continence, Prosthetic, and Orthotic Services.

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ELMS2 : flexible and scalable
A scalable, modular and flexible structure makes the system easy to configure to suit the local specification of any size of store or service, and our project management team will ensure that the installed ELMS2 system is fitted to the way that our customers wish to work, rather than forcing alien working practices upon them.
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Open 'Reference Site' Policy

In choosing a software solution, it makes good sense to look at the whole package offered by a supplier, and not just the system itself. When Ethitec delivers ELMS2, we consider ourselves to be a long-term partner in a project rather than just a supplier.

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Working together through active user groups
User Groups
Active User Groups ensure that the system remains relevant, easy to use, and fully compliant with legislation. The preferences and priorities expressed by the User Group significantly influence Ethitec's development of the system, although, importantly, we also aim to serve the individual requirements of each customer.
Integrated or stand alone
Integration with other services
ELMS2 today is a powerful software solution that supports the efficient running of Community Equipment, Wheelchair, Prosthetic, Orthotic, Continence, Telecare, Medical Device, Community Alarm, and Environmental Control Services, either on a fully integrated or stand alone basis.
ELMS2 easily integrates with other systems
Integration with other systems

Ethitec would be pleased to provide any bespoke or ‘off-the-shelf' external links or data migration routines required by a service. We have significant experience of developing seamless third party links to other Healthcare, Social care, LLPG, Postcoding, and financial applications, using uni-directional, bi-directional, real-time, batch fed, drip-fed, and simple ‘cut & paste' type links.. Progress, the technology behind ELMS2, is a powerful RDBMS and 4GL which provides support for various communication protocols, interfaces, and standards, including, but not limited to, ODBC, JDBC, SOAP, and XML.

Operating Environment / Hosting

Ethitec can provide ELMS2 as either a locally hosted or externally hosted solution, and the system is proven in both forms. Ethitec do not have a preferred approach - our intention is to allow the customer to make the decision, based on their local IT infrastructure, support, and financial situation.

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ELMS2 - CECOPS Approved Software
CECOPS Approved Software
ELMS2 has been granted CECOPS Approved Software Status for use in CES and Wheelchair Services. CECOPS is an independent, not for profit social enterprise, aiming to raise the standard of disability equipment and other assistive technology related services across the UK, and beyond.

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