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Leicestershire Health Information Services
Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

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In brief
Leicestershire Health Informatics service set out to introduce a multi-disciplinary patient administration system, treatment record and electronic patient record (EPR) to support the county's dietetics and four adult therapy services. 

Following a tender process, Ethitec was selected to roll out its Tiara9 software county-wide; to date, it supports three multi-disciplinary appointment call centres and is used by 400 users at 126 clinical locations across six PCTs The system has enabled therapists to reduce waiting list times by up to 12 weeks, facilitated greater information sharing across disciplines, and made accurate data available to service managers as a by-product of clinical activity.

The challenge
A reorganisation of the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in Leicestershire provided the impetus for the county's therapy services to re-examine their entire approach to the delivery of therapy services, including the IT systems used to underpin them.

This resulted in physiotherapy, podiatry, occupational therapy and speech and language therapy being brought together into the Adult Community Therapy Service under one clinical head.

Recognising that the inherited mixture of old IT and manual systems was unable to provide the accurate information needed to manage the combined service, however, Leicestershire Health Informatics Service(LHIS) was called upon to address the IT requirements going forward.

LHIS set out to support this unified structure by introducing a multi-professional patient administration system (PAS) and treatment record, and a multi-disciplinary electronic patient record (EPR). This was to be introduced for all four therapy services and the Dietetics & Nutrition service.

Managers on both the IT and therapy side recognised the value of accurate statistics in helping allied health professionals (AHPs)to improve the service delivered to patients, and were clear that data should be obtained as a by-product of clinical activity, rather than as an additional administrative burden on clinicians.

Specific goals included the modernisation of appointment scheduling and the sharing of appropriate patient information across all the AHPs where this was justified.

The solution
With the scale of the IT project involved, LHIS went to tender in the EU Journal to identify an IT supplier who could deliver the ambitious objectives set. The outcome of this process led to Ethitec being selected as a partner to implement a fully automated patient administration system and work with the Therapy & Informatics Services to develop a true EPR that was fit for purpose when it came to therapists' clinical practices.

Collaboration between Ethitec and Leicestershire's health community ensued, with hands-on involvement of clinicians ensuring that the system was designed for them and became something they wanted to use.

This deployment of practising clinicians to design workflow and subsequent interfaces - combined with effective software development - achieved the intended results of high levels of user acceptance of the Tiara9 system created.

Today, Ethitec's Tiara9 system is in use by 400 users at 126 clinical locations across the six Leicestershire PCTs, and has enabled the launch of multi-disciplinary appointment call centres with the ability to make appointments anywhere in the county.

The success of the project in terms of improved appointment booking, reduced waiting lists and cost savings through efficiencies generated, has resulted in thesystem being extended to the child therapy services within the six PCTs, delivering electronic ‘cradle to the grave' therapy records for the county's residents.

Moreover, use of the Tiara9 system has been extended to offsite visits, with clinicians enabled to synchronise caseload records from the PCT server onto a laptop, record patient notes ‘live' in a home or school during the course of an appointment, and then upload the new records when they return to base.

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