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Case Studies
To give a more in-depth view of the impact of our software, we have curated a number of case studies giving the end user perspective, along with guides on how to get the best out of Ethitec systems.

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Paperless Guide

Ethitec has a proven track record in helping NHS services
achieve the transition to paperless working. So, for services evaluating their requirements, we have set out here our five top tips on how you can do so too.   

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elms2 - robust
Hertfordshire Equipment Service
Given the scale of its operation, HES concluded that it needed a robust and powerful IT solution to enable the service to achieve the efficiency improvements it desired. Read more
Going paperless at Frimley
Frimley Park Hospital
For many years, the Trust's therapy services had recognised the benefits that could be realised by installing a computer system but had been unable to secure funding due to the Trust having higher spending priorities. Read more
Tiara9 as a Tool for Quality Audit & Improvement
NHS Scotland Audiology

When NHS Audiology Services in Scotland embarked on a modernisation programme, there followed significant investment in hearing aid technology, infrastructure, information systems and training. What was then needed was a quality audit process to help evaluate progress made as a result.

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Michelin Logo

Michelin needed an effective database and IT system to manage its fleets' tyre related activity.

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Leicestershire Health Information Services
Leicestershire Health Informatics Service
A reorganisation of the Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in Leicestershire provided the impetus for the county's therapy services to re-examine their entire approach to the delivery of therapy services, including the IT systems used to underpin them. Read more
Salford Council Logo
The integration of Salford Wheelchair Service with Equipment Loans
To support the provision of equipment and wheelchair loans from a single site, Salford City Council looked to integrate the two services more closely through the implementation of a shared IT system. Read more
British Red Cross logo
British Red Cross

The Red Cross turned to Ethitec to create an effective equipment loans management system supporting delivery of the service.

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Walsall Council Links to Work
(Anne Lindsey, Area Manager )

I am very proud of the way we have implemented ELMS2 here at Walsall...

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